Rent Serviced Office & Virtual Office in Asia Pacific

SenBen Plaza Shanghai Stadium, Puxi Shanghai, China
Serviced Office Price from USD $ 375 /Mth
Shanghai Serviced Office
Virtual Office: 80USD up
28 Hennessy Road, Admiralty, Hong Kong
Serviced Office Price from USD $ 0
Admiralty Serviced Office
Virtual Office: 64USD up
The Arcade, Raffles Place,  Singapore
Serviced Office Price from USD $ 510 /Mth
Raffles Place Serviced Office
Seoul Finance Center, Seoul, Korea
Serviced Office Price from USD $ 1,080 /Mth
Seoul Serviced Office
Virtual Office: 180USD up
Sanno Park Tower, Tokyo Akasaka, Japan
Serviced Office Price from USD $ 1,780
Tokyo Serviced Office
Virtual Office: 500USD up
Cerulean Tower, Tokyo Shibuya, Japan
Serviced Office Price from USD $ 1,480 /Mth
Virtual Office: 140USD up
The Park Ventures  Ecoplex, Bangkok, Thailand
Serviced Office Price from USD $ 400 /Mth
Bangkok Serviced Office
Virtual Office: 75USD up
Taipei 101 Tower, Taipei, Taiwan
Serviced Office Price from USD $ 920 /Mth
Taipei Serviced Office
Virtual Office: 130USD up
Shartex Center, Puxi Shanghai, China
Serviced Office Price from USD $ 498 /Mth
Shanghai Serviced Office
Virtual Office: 80USD up

Top 6 reasons to use a Virtual Office

Easy Setup

Easy Setup

Virtual Office always “Ready to start”. No need for renovation or hiring any staffs. No delay or postponement of starting your business plan.
Cost Saving

Cost Saving

Minimal risk for new startups. No renovation cost, no expensive monthly rental, no utility bill, no hiring of receptionist. As there is minimal setup cost, virtual office can minimal risk in any loses.
Professional Services

Professional Services

Virtual office always come with the reception and secretarial services in package. With the minimal additional fee, you can enjoy the professional assistance instead of committing to a long term HR cost.
Corporate Image

Corporate Image

Virtual office is usually located at central business district. The virtual office’s prestigious address can bring intangible value of confidence and elegance, especially to a young business.
 Shared Facilities

Shared Facilities

Fax, printing, copying, etc. These are also facilities that you do not need to own, yet enjoy the benefits and pay only when you need them with no or minimal additional cost.
Short-Term Commitment

Short-Term Commitment

Unlike the conventional office, virtual office won’t ask you sign a long-term contract more than 12 months. Virtual office contracts are very flexible and able to sign with short-term period.

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